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Route description

We have already noticed that when people use the GPS to get to the Japanese Garden and our show, this device does not always point you in the right direction. That is why we have added this route description

Rebuilding the park

Due to work on Kapermolenpark, the Belgian ZNA Koi Show is moving to the other side of Koning Boudewijnlaan this year. Only fifty meters from the park. In consultation with the city of Hasselt, we have opted for the Old Fire Station.

Exit 28

When you take exit 28 you keep to the left regardless of whether you come from the direction of Antwerp or Liège. At the next intersection, turn right onto the canal and continue until you reach the intersection where you will see Plopsa Indoor on the right. At this crossroads, you enter Hasselt on the left until you reach the small roundabout, at this roundabout you turn right into the new large parking lot at the Japanese Garden.

Exit 27

Those who choose exit 27, drive down the Kuringersteenweg to the canal, turn left and continue to follow it until they come across Plopsa Indoor on their left. At this intersection you drive right into the center until the previously described small roundabout.

Via Genk

The people coming from Genk rode on the Kempische Steenweg onto the canal and then keep left until they come across Plopsa Indoor on their left.