Main sponsor Aquatic Science

In 2019 we celebrate the 10-year collaboration between Belgian Koi Society vzw and the main sponsor Aquatic Science! We try to put this in the spotlight in all kinds of ways, and to show them our gratitude.Hereby in public: Thank you Aquatic Science for your support and trust! We hope that this relationship can continue indefinitely.

Below you can read an article and view a report that we made about Aquatic Science at the time.

A cold and rainy winter day brought us to Herstal, and no, not for the weapons industry, but for a company called Aquatic Science, certainly known to many of you. They have been an important partner of the Belgian Koi Society for years, so an interview with them for Koi World was long overdue.

A delegation consisting of our sponsor responsible Jos Vandermeulen and the other half Sandra, as well as my husband PR-husband and myself, could count on a clearly prepared welcome. A meeting room with coffee ready, as well as all information about the latest products, and with the start: a film in which Aquatic Science was presented on TV5.

This video in which their articles for biological swimming pools and ponds were presented, was rounded off with a beautiful damsel in yellow bikini in a beautiful swimming pool in Morocco, with a beautiful ocean as a view, and this was clearly appreciated by the majority of them. male company of our group. From Aquatic Science this was Frederic Luizi, one of the founders of the company, together with employees Quentin and Erik. But what we mainly want to know is what Aquatic Science stands for.

What is their vision, from which ideas do they work? Frederic is happy to answer this question and to point out the most important points that are important for Aquatic Science: “First and foremost: we want to be able to offer a complete solution for the water experience. So we go for the optimization of being able to enjoy the water, of improving the water and so on. But we do not actually take the technology of this as a starting point. We are driven by our customers and by our research. And, what we also find extremely important, is that Belgium comes first. Even though Aquatic Science is present throughout Europe, when it comes to finding the right raw materials, the right connections, Belgium will always be given priority. “

In particular, Frederic would also like to explain what the word “science” stands for in their name Aquatic Science: “We want to go from the very beginning to the very end. But above all not being symptom-oriented, but going deeper. If the water turns green, and we measure, for example, an increased value of ammonia. Then we don’t just want to throw something in the water to lower the ammonia. No, we want to find out how it is that the ammonia has been increased, and we are going to solve that problem. Otherwise you will have the same problem a week later.”

By the way, did you know that as a private individual you can always post your project on the Aquatic Science website so that they can send you to the perfect dealer who can help you with this?

During the interview, examples are taken from the showroom to illustrate their way of working and their continuous evolution. One of those examples is their new UV lamp. For this they got their idea from Dubai. There they have a special coating on the windows of the immensely tall buildings, which are self-cleaning. It is no joke to clean the windows on the 24th floor from the outside. They started applying this coating in their new UV lamp, which becomes more efficient with a double cleaning effect. There is not only the reaction to the UV itself inside the lamp, but the water will also show an additional reaction to the coating and thus have a strengthening cleansing effect. And the needs of the customer are also taken into account, because the connection of the lamp can be adjusted according to how it should fit in the filter space, and each lamp is the same size, so that it becomes even more salable afterwards.

Another good example is their work on a new drum filter. To this end, they have entered into a partnership with the fish farming sector. Frederic explains that there is no point in inventing hot water if the right knowledge and technology already exists in another sector. Then it makes much more sense to enter into a partnership. So also with a company that supplies material for fish farms on a global level. And they have drum filters that are designed to clean water that contains hundreds of kilos of fish per cubic meter, which naturally produces extremely polluted water. In fish farms, of course, it is about drum filters on a much larger scale: a drum is easily 2 meters in size, and a river of extremely dirty water comes through. What Aquatic Science is aiming for is not such a large filter, but rather a reduced drum filter (28x57x59cm). They are developing a small drum filter that can easily handle 20,000 liters to 45,000 liters of water, made entirely in stainless steel because it has a greater cleansing effect (no bacteria can live on stainless steel!). A timer is provided that you can set as you wish so that you can perfectly know how much water you are going to use and how much electricity. And you only have to rinse the nozzles now and then because dirt can accumulate in them. Just under the tap and that problem has already been solved.

They also want to further develop their fish feed. Some customers had indicated that they did not want to use crushed fish as fish feed. So Aquatic Science has tried with a feed that consisted solely of plants. However, the food did not meet expectations. Apparently fish are not meant to be vegetarian. But, by adding a small amount of ground shrimp, things are heading in the right direction again. Another good example of their customer-oriented approach. In addition to this food, they have now also released a new super food, in collaboration with France Koi. A feed that can boost your pond.

A final example: Aquatic Science will now also give its dealers the opportunity to put together their own multi-chamber filter. Of course Aquatic Science is very well known as the makers of the substrate Biocerapond: small pieces of ceramic material, deliberately chopped into small pieces, because this gives a larger surface for the same volume. The more good bacteria can attach to the filter material.


So, conclusion, Aquatic Science stands for the biological! Every chemical process is out of the question. Only fauna and flora are the means that they use to make every water world run smoothly. But Frederic adds: “We are not going to let the water run its course completely, because even then it can go wrong! We start from completely natural processes, but try to arrange them! “. It is a company in full bloom, they want to grow in three areas: technological, geographical and commercial, in order to be able to offer more and more water management applications.

Did you know … ?

  • Aquatic Science starts completely from scratch in projects in their laboratories? For example, Frederic showed us how he can imitate a small filter with small rings less than ten centimeters long, to do the first tests with their new products.
  • Its testing products rigorously applied? We saw several smaller aquariums, and fish barrels, that were carefully viewed and tested. Outside is a conservatory with larger barrels, and also larger Koi.
  • In those larger barrels there are easily five to ten Koi in a 2400 liter tank with crystal clear water and fish that evolve enormously beautifully and well?
  • Gaia does not have to worry at all, because the Koi and other fish are treated very well. At Aquatic Science they would never test products or filtering if they were not sure that it would not harm the fish at all. Frederic is also a huge fan of fishing and would never allow anything to happen to the animals.
  • There is still a lot of emphasis on making many products manually. Aquatic Science still works fairly artisanally but with employees who have considerable expertise.
  • They are constructing a pond of about 100,000 liters outside of a pond, with their filter systems, intended as a show garden and for the training of their dealers and customers. This pond has been laid with liquid EPDM, also a test, because the actual result of this will only be viewed after the pond has been running for two years.