Practical information

Day program

Day program Belgian Koi Show 2019

Friday 21/06


Opening Benching

Saturday 22/06


Start of a Koi competition judging by the international jury


Opening Koishow for the public


Explanation about the
Koi varieties

11u - 12u

Seminar with Manabu Ogata (Ogata Koi Farm) and Eiji Konishi (Marushiku
Koi Farm)

14u - 15u30

Meet & Greet with the four present breeders from Japan


Explanation about the Koi varieties


Koishow closure

Sunday 23/06


Opening Koishow for the public


Explanation about the Koi varieties


Seminar with Kentaro Sakai (Sakai Fish Farm), Nobuhiro Inoue and Takaharu
Inoue (Beppu Fish Farm)

13u30 - 14u30

Meet & Greet with the four present breeders from Japan


Explanation of the Grand Champion through a Certified Judge


Each grower draws one koi donated by Filips Koi and Vijvershop. The draw
will be done from the collected entrance tickets of paying visitors.


Award ceremony Koi competition (podium)


Koishow closure

Both days


Bonsai exhibition (care and maintenance),
Fishing ducks & glitter tattoos for children,

11u30 - 12u30

Jujutsu (podium)

14u30 - 15u30

Jujutsu (podium)

12u30 - 13u30

Jujutsu (podium)


You can find the different rates on the right. Take advantage of the combi ticket and enjoy this event throughout the weekend. Take the opportunity and visit the largest European Japanese Garden at a reduced rate!

The parking is free!

Day ticket

The standard rate at the register is € 10.


Visitors -16

Visitors up to the age of 16 have free entry.


Weekend ticket

Come all weekend and pay only € 15!


Japanese Garden

During our show, the entrance is only € 3!


Contest Participant or Exhibitor

Participate in our Competition

Become a Participant

Become an exhibitor at our trade show

Become an Exhibitor

Visit the Japanese garden for only 3 Euro

Children's animation

The organization naturally also thinks of our little ones.
For example, a splash pool will be provided in which ducks happily float around. They can then fish for free.

There is also a corner where they can put nice glitter tattoos. For example, they have something fun to do while the parents, grandparents can socialize about the beautiful koi or the interesting things they have seen on the stands, and meanwhile have a snack and / or drink in our catering.

In the meantime, you can also enjoy Jiujitsu demonstrations on stage, starting at 11.30 am, the last demo being at 3.30 pm. The entire weekend through Jiujitsu will also be performances for young and old.

Dinner and Dance

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we have given our Dinner & Dance a new look on Saturday evening.

We would like to invite you all to a pleasant get-together. A unique opportunity to sit together with our volunteers, jury members and of course with the four top breeders from Japan. Including Beppu Fish Farm, Ogata Fish farm, Maurischiko Koifarm and of course Kentaro Sakai for Sakai Fish Farm. This year you can reserve tables to spend a pleasant evening with your family, customers and friends. As a company you can of course receive an invoice for this on request. Start of this event is 7.30 pm.

With Discobar NITOR AUDIO

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